About Blockhead Brands

Blockhead Brands has created this online space with intentions to educate others of cannabis' benefits and to provide updates in the community and politics regarding marijuana. 

The demonization of cannabis has only lasted around 80 years, thankfully, and we are so grateful that society is finally shedding the negative stigma around it. Prior to this, and for most all of human history, marijuana has been used for many purposes, including hemp being used for clothing and rope, and, of course, for its many medicinal values. One only needs to read into marijuana's history to see that it was criminalized in efforts to control customs at the Mexican border, which almost seems irrelevant in contrast to how helpful the plant has been for thousands of years prior. Now we can thank the progression of the legalization of marijuana bringing us back to where we were before it was outlawed.

For almost half of that 80-year span, our farmers had to stay under the radar, risking not only their own lives, but those of their families and those closest to them. Mastering their craft despite the law in place and the social stigmas that surrounded cannabis, they continued cultivating and became proud artisans at growing and harvesting the best marijuana around. They knew that the medicinal value held by cannabis was too great to be ignored. Keeping their ideals of high quality at top priority, the cultivators made sure to keep their product pesticide-free, soil grown as nature intended, and hand-trimmed with love.

In the recent years of legalization, our farmers did their due diligence in taking all necessary steps to become a legal producer of their artisan-crafted crops. In addition to their teams on the ground at the farms, a skilled team of professionals and investors joined to help finally legalize the family's legacy. Blockhead Brands is growing bigger and better than ever before. 

It is with great pride that we bring you Blockhead Brands, a company that grew and flourished as an outlawed operation, only to break soil as your favorite high quality cannabis growers. Thank you for letting us grow for you.