4 Blockhead Strains That Will Elevate Your 4th of July!

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What better way to celebrate this day, our country's day of independence than lighting one up. Here are 4 Blockhead Brands strains that will elevate your 4th of July from the morning to night.


Morning: Lemon Animal Cookies

This rare genetic varietal is a Blockhead Exclusive. Containing Girl Scout Cookies, Fire OG and a very special Skunk phenotype in her lineage, Lemon Animal Cookies is a momentus phenomenon. As the name states this strain has a powerful and sharp lemon zest when squeezed. The trichomes on these buds are completely translucent, giving them a sparkling look, reminiscent of dangling icicles. The resin content on this one is so high that it will occasionally secret a sweet tasting amber nectar directly from the bud. Wow!

Afternoon: Green Crack

Originally named "Cush", eventually renamed "Green Crack" by Snoop. This strain is one of the most consistent in bud structure and quality. It flowers fast and packs on weight, and is a fast finisher. The vibrant orange hairs contrasted with white fuzzy trichomes combined with huge, stinky and downright juicy nugs gives Green Crack serious jar appeal.

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private reserve.jpg

Evening: Private Reserve

We love our PRIVATE RESERVE! This is one of our flagship strains and just about the frostiest buds around. Definitely a cannabis connoisseur favorite!

Night: Blood Drive

The Blooddrive phenotype was discovered by tester Bushido Garden and was named for the bright red fluid or blood that seeps out of it when topped. The flowers are beautiful magenta and purple in color and smell super sweet like grape soda.